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Welcome to! This website is created with a purpose to serve people who are new to betting or sports on the Internet, often referred to as “online”.

Our main target audience are those that are interested in placing a wager, but either are unsure about, which bookmaker to choose or even do not really have a grasp on how betting odds actually work.

Is this person You? If so, make sure to go through all information available on this website, as most of it will help You realize that sports betting is very simple.

Top Betting Sites Of The Industry

We can call this a key ingredient for a nice online betting experience. Choosing a betting site or “bookie” is the most important aspect of the whole thing! So how does one do it?

Well, as a team that has been in this industry for over 5 years, we have a pretty sound opinion on which sites are great for players and which ones suck, as simple as that. Below You’ll see bookmakers that are great for bettors in Your location.

Sports To Wager On

Every person is different and thus You will also have Your very own favorite type of sport. We have covered the most popular ones, but there’s still a long way to go, when it comes to adding popular leagues and so on. Here are some of the sports we have dedicated tailored betting guides for.

Tennis – whether it is a random ATP 500 tournament that is taking place in Your hometown or one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, we have You covered. Find best betting sites that offered a large variety of lines and the best odds inside this article.

Our dedicated pages for Tennis include the four biggest tournaments of each year, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open.

Football – this section includes both, American Football and European version of it, referred to as Soccer in the United States. Find the best lines for betting on Super Bowl or a regular NFL game, as well as betting previews for games in the English Premier League.

With World Cup behind us, there is an event that we will also cover with a fair bit of depth – Euro 2016 in France. In the next few months, You can expect a variety of articles related to qualifiers as well as full event coverage in 2016.

Basketball – majority of what we have here is related to the NBA, the mecca of basketball. Having that said, we will also throw in the occasional EuroLeague game as well as Fiba EuroCup.

Ice Hockey – looking to place a bet on Your favorite NHL team to win? Sure thing, find online bookmakers offering a great variety of lines for that at the very best odds. Are You looking to wager on IIHF World Championships? We have that covered as well!

Horse Racing – very popular sport to bet on, especially in the United Kingdom and Australia. Learn more about where You can do this online within this article!

Motor Sports – from Nascar to F1 Betting, oh, and lets not forget about MotoGP either! We try our best to cover most of the sports that involve an engine in this section!

Other Sports – we haven’t put up extensive betting sections with picks for these, but we sure have dedicated a single article with the best sites. These sports include boxing, cricket, golf and baseball.

Olympic Games – the biggest sports event that is followed by Your brother, mother and her sister. With that said, we thought that we should dedicate a section to this as well. Both winter and summer games are included, with Rio 2016 already featured on a dedicated section of the website.

Free Bets and Bonuses

Looking to get some cash for Your first online wagering experience? Our free bets section is meant to provide You with exactly that. Stay tuned for updates as well, especially during big sporting events, since that’s a time when sports books are very generous to their customers.

Betting Guide

As a newbie, You might not really have a clue about how exactly this all thing works. Here are a few articles that should help You get a head start. Lets call this betting guide 101:

  • How Do Betting Odds Work?
  • What is VIG?
  • How To Make a Sports Bet?
  • What is a Prop Bet?
  • Arbitrage Betting Explained
  • Sports Trading – Questions and Answers

Final Words

If You go through just 6 articles that we have above, You will already have a very sound knowledge of how to bets sports on the internet!

Couple of things to remember, before You start this adventurous journey – don’t bet more than You can afford to lose, pick the bookmakers with best ratings and reputation instead of those offering highest odds or bonuses and lastly, go and have fun!

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